This month we are honored to have a poem by guest author Llewellyn McKernan. Please be sure to check it out on our Stories page. Llewellyn is a children's book writer, poet, and teacher. She has a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Brown University and has taught English at Marshall University. Four of her children's books have been published:
More Songs of Gladness, Concordia;
Bird Alphabet, Standard Publishing;
This is the Day and This is the Night, C.R. Gibson.
She spends winters in Florida, but her home is in West Virginia, where she has lived longer than anywhere on earth.

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Look for a new issue of Foggy and Friends on the 15th of every month. Each issue will bring you new stories and a Did You Know section about a topic we hope you'll be interested in. There are puzzles that are usually about the Did You Know article, as well as a dot to dot drawing, and a picture to color. We have letters and/or comments from our fans, too.

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September 2015


September 2015

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About Us

Foggy and Friends was created by Carol A. Wolf, with the assistance of Andrew L. Wiles. After publishing her first two books, Carol turned her attention to creating an online children's magazine with the idea of helping to entertain and educate children.

Both Foggy Dog books were written by Carol A. Wolf, beautifully illustrated by Erica N. Seagraves, and published by Trafford. They are available online at Trafford, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. A number of local bookstores in the Huntington, WV area also carry the Foggy Dog series.

Foggy and Friends


to the official website for Foggy and Friends online children's magazine!

My name is Foggy Dog, and I hope you will enjoy this website that my friends and I have made for you! You can read about me in the two books that my owner Carol has written about me! They are Foggy Dog and Foggy Dog Discovers Christmas. More on that later.

I will try to have fun things for you each month! There will be stories, puzzles, and games, as well as a Did You Know section. You might even learn a thing or two! Some of the activities will require a printer to complete.

Foggy and Friends is an online children's magazine aimed toward 6-10 year olds.